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At Store Safe we understand that handing your personal documents for someone else to store can be disconcerting. Therefore, we prefer to be open about our procedures so you can rest assured that your documents are in safe hands.


With tens of thousands of stored documents our systems are set up to be flexible and efficient, offering you a facility of 100% traceability and fast retrieval at a very reasonable and highly competitive price.

Starting from £15.00 per person per year

Additional storage space at just an extra £5.00 per person per year

Free unlimited Will rewrites for customers of The Will Company and Will Drafting Services

Retrieval within 48 hours


All documents will be stored and kept securely in peak condition.  Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to store your documents with us.

Prevent damage caused by fire and flood

Avoid loss of documents

Maintain privacy

Protection from third parties

Make it easier for your executors, attorneys or trustees to find your documents when you are unable to do so

Ensure they are kept in good condition when they might be needed. For example, when a Grant of Probate is applied for or when a Power of Attorney is needed


Independent storage of your valuable documents is very important. If you keep your documents at home you run the risk of them being damaged by flood, fire and even third parties.


At Store Safe, we want to keep our clients informed of the security measures we undertake to give them peace of mind. If you decide to store with us, you can rest assured that the following measures are protecting your documents;


Documents are stored in a 60-minute fireproof facility

24hr Security and CCTV

Alarmed site with notifiable staff within 1 mile

Emergency services within 1 mile

Professional Insurance

Documents are sent via tracked post

Photographic Identification required for retrieval

Storage Identification Card

If you would like to collect your documents from our office or have them sent via courier, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Free copies of documents upon request

Free document retrieval

Free Will review

Customer support from members of The Society of Will Writers

Free registration of Wills with The National Will Register

Documents are checked prior to storage
to ensure correct execution

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