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Store Safe has over 25 years of experience in storing original and important documents. We have thousands of documents stored with us, from Wills to House Deeds, you can rest assured that you are storing your documents in a safe place.


We aim to provide our clients with peace of mind; therefore, we believe in being open with our clients regarding the security and procedures we undertake to protect your documents. More detailed information on our security measures can be found here.


Accessing your documents is quick and easy. We ensure that anyone wishing to access documents, such as our own clients or, for example, their executors, provide photographic identification. This ensures that only authorised people can access the documents, giving you peace of mind that they cannot be tampered with. Documents that have been requested will be sent within 48 hours.


We also provide an unlimited free rewrite service for Wills drafted with our partners The Will Company and Will Drafting Services. If you would like to make your Will with us and secure your unlimited free rewrites, please click here.


Once your documents have been placed into our facility, you will receive one of our Storage Identification cards with your unique reference number. This acts similarly to an Organ Donor card; it provides the information you need to retrieve your documents but also to your executors or attorneys who may find it and need to retrieve your documents when you are unable to do so.


Starting from just £15.00 per year, you could be storing your most valuable documents with us in a matter of days. Our systems are set up to be flexible and efficient, offering you a facility with 100% traceability and fast retrieval at a very reasonable and highly competitive price.


Types of documents that can be stored but not limited to;

Original Wills

Expressions / Letters of wishes

Powers of attorney

Title Deeds


Accounts Certificates

Severance of Tenancy

Trust Documents

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Advance Directives

Life Assurance Documents


If you are a new client or one of our current clients, getting in touch with us couldn't be any easier.  Simply contact us regarding any query you might have via our contact form on the website. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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