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With over 20 years experience storing valuable documents you can rest assured that your paperwork is safe, secure and easily retrievable at Store Safe. With tens of thousands of stored documents our systems are set up to be flexible and efficient, offering you a facility of 100% traceability and fast retrieval at a very reasonable and highly competitive price.


Your important documents will be stored in fire-proof cabinets in optimum conditions. Our storage facility is protected by 24 hour CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and smoke detection systems, directly linked to the emergency services. Store Safe ensures the most secure storage environment for your valuable documents.

Your documents are bar-coded and scanned, enabling 100% traceability and fast retrieval - within 2 days.


We pride ourselves in being a first point of call for our clients for any personal documents they want stored. There are many reason to simply store your original certificates to valuble documents at home but we beleive there are many more reason why you should keep these documents safe with us.

To avoid damage caused by flood or fire

To Maintain privacy

Avoid loss of documents

To avoid tampering by those who find them after your death

To ensure they are kept in good condition when they might be needed. For examply when a Grant of Probate is applied for, or when a Power of Attorney is needed

We store various different types of documents listed below. If your have other important documents not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and request a free quotation.


Expressions / Letters of wishes

Powers of attorney



Accounts Certificates

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